We aim to uplift our communities and extending a helping hand to those who are vulnerable and need care.

Bathandeni Special Needs Care Centre

The Bathandeni Special Needs Care Centre helps children and youth with special needs with meals, exercises, reading and writing lessons and skills development. For Mandela Day 2019, Masimong Foundation donated a carport shelter which serves as a lunch-time and play area for the children. We have previously donated 2 sheds which the children use for afternoon naps, provided stimulation toys and have hosted a Christmas lunch.


We aim to empower the youth to ensure that they are fully equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Educational Assistance

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Encouraged by these words, the Masimong Foundation has selected a few students of which we provide full educational assistance. Students tuition, book allowance and monthly stipends are provided.

Community Internship

Masimong Foundation presented awards to graduates of the community internship


We aim to inspire South Africa’s young leaders and provide them with the necessary tools to grow and become empowered individuals.

Fred Habedi Primary School

The Fred Habedi Primary School is situated in Springs, Gauteng and has been adopted by Masimong Foundation. The Dorothy Teke Library was donated to the school, along with a full-time librarian who provides daily mentorship and guidance to the students. We also host an annual prize-giving event which aims to recognise top achievers in the school. The Masimong Foundation team regularly supports and spends time with the learners.


House Airfield

House Airfield is a safe haven for children who have been abandoned by their parents and those who have been removed from abusive homes. The Masimong Foundation team visited the home and saw the need to assist with a play area for the children, a jungle gym was donated.